IX Siberian Venture Fair — 2015

Siberian Venture Fair — one of the largest contact activities in the Russian market of direct and venture investments. This year it is the third time took place in the framework of the III International Forum of Technological Development «Tehnoprom — 2015» — activities aimed at creating an innovation economy and the development of high technologies of the new technological order.

Organizers forming the program of the Fair, focused on the activities that contribute to improving the investment attractiveness of the high-tech sector of the regional economy; stimulate demand and the introduction of innovative technologies; demonstration of technological innovation capacity of the sector; determining the potential of creating new industries aimed at import substitution; attraction of investments in technology companies in the region.

Venture Fair Exposition presented 45 innovative high-tech companies. 33 of the Novosibirsk region, 6 — Altay, 1 — Tomsk and the first 5 companies from Thailand. The protagonists-small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere. Each company presented its business potential and its rapid growth. Companies represented in the different fields of activity:
— Nanotechnology and new materials;
— Biotechnology and medicine;
— Instrumentation;
— Energy conservation and efficiency;
— Import substitution in agriculture.

Participation in the activities of the Siberian Venture Fair has allowed innovative companies to improve the competence of venture business, to pass the examination of the innovation project, to take part in coaching, training, master classes to receive individual advice on the organization of business innovation, to find partners, to establish direct contacts with investors.

The congress brought together 19 of the Fair events, including three of them held jointly with the International Forum of technological development «Tehnoprom — 2015». The central event was the plenary session «Smart investments. Opportunities for the development of Russian innovation ecosystem. «

The round table brought together representatives of federal and regional authorities, heads of major Russian development institutions and funds: Executive Director RVCA Albina Nikkonen, Senior Vice President, Head of Delegation of Russia and CIS, Daewoo International Corporation Hoyoung Lee, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Economic development Minister Oleg Fomichev, General Director of OJSC «RVC» Igor Agamirzyan, Director General of the Fund of infrastructure and educational programs RUSNANO Andrei Swinarenko, Director of industry development Fund (FGAU «RFTI») Alexey Komissarov, CEO GBU «Innovation development Center» in Moscow, the President of the National Association of Business Angels (NABA) Konstantin Fokin, General Director of the Criminal Code «Savings and investments», the Chairman of the Administrative Council RVCA Natalia Padsasonny. Honorary guests of the Plenary became Aide to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Fursenko and First Deputy of the Novosibirsk Region Governor Anatoly Sobolev.

According to those present in the hall, the venture market has entered a time of «mature youth». On the external signs of formation of its subjects, the development of the basic elements of an infrastructure of support, quality indicators of activity it can be compared to a decade to develop not venture branches of Old Europe and North America. However, it still has certain illnesses youth: some «excesses», the lack of practice and experience, expressed as paternalism, dependence on the «senior».

The main problem of Russian innovation industry as a whole has allocated Andrei Fursenko. It is psychological and is at the root of their particular national mentality. Now the worldview of many entrepreneurs in many ways formed the ability to attract grant funds — a kind of «grantozavisimostyu» today of 200 billion rubles, the planned budget for the support of innovation, almost one-third is aimed at basic research;. immeasurably more funds is to support applied research — just on that, on what is traditionally in the world are private money. «It is necessary to have a new galaxy, which is calculated in the development of efficient business» on their own strength «, a whole new generation of» negrantoezhek «- summed up Albina Nikkonen.

At a high level have been planned activities through interactive discussions and roundtables that have affected current issues of development of venture business, «Industry & Small Business & Investors»; «Investments in the early stages in the hi-tect — resource potential and risks»; «Regional innovation implementation centers»; «Knowledge-based economy and the installation of national importance»; «Agriculture»; «Interaction with the state of the venture industry: what’s next?»; «An important choice. University as the creation of sought-after innovation platform. » Particular interest was shown in the round table «The experience of the region’s output of innovative products to the Russian and foreign markets» and master class «Hike for investment — time, place, format.»

Forum of young researchers selected in a separate line with the participation of delegations from Thailand, which included: Congress President of the Council of Young Scientists of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center of the youth academy and South-East Asia; International Interdisciplinary Workshop on «Food security — a priority of interstate cooperation in the field of scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and the countries of Southeast Asia»; Round tables «Perspective area of ​​cooperation between Russia and South-East Asia in the field of science and innovations: eyes of young scientists» and «Opportunities for cooperation of young scientists of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center of the youth academy and Southeast Asian countries.»

Forum ended by the signing of the Memorandum of the Council of young scientists of the SB RAS, the Youth Academy of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Novosibirsk Regional Fund for Support of Science and Innovation and the Memorandum on cooperation in the scientific and organizational sphere between the Council of Scientific Youth of the SB RAS and the Youth Academy of the Kingdom of Thailand. The first Memorandum Regarding joint activities, conferences, seminars, webinars, as well as activities to promote science.

The business program of the Fair brought together 86 Russian and foreign experts and investors. Exhibit and part of forum attended and took part in it 1495 people participated.
Traditional IX Siberian Venture Fair was a bright event for the innovative sector of the region and the Russian economy. Created blagoproyatnye terms of communication, business representation of companies and the ambitious plans of their leaders. Once again confirmed that each project has its own business model of commercialization, and the company, the individual path of development and they make independent steps in the formation of a market of innovation and entrepreneurial activity. Young entrepreneurs will present their projects in accordance with strict regulations and communicating with experts and investors, two days of the Fair «matured», we learned to look for new ways to develop their own. All this has allowed to establish contacts and business relations with the representatives of the institutions, authorities and potential business partners. Some companies have received offers to continue the dialogue. Some — suggested to continue mutually beneficial contacts.

Completed work IX Siberian Venture Fair summing up the contest of innovative companies-exhibitors on 4 categories:. «Business Perspective» gold, silver and bronze awards, «promising innovative business Novosibirsk region»

27 authoritative experts judging panel evaluated the business June 4 45 innovative companies. After meeting with the companies, the judge heard the three-minute presentation of each of them and withdrew to a private meeting.
June 5 winners and awarded the following awards were announced in a festive atmosphere:
1. Promising business (bronze diploma) — OOO «Analyzers of view» with the project «Organization of manufacture of the device for accurate and rapid diagnosis of stereoscopic vision» GlazaMer «.
2. A promising business (silver diploma) — OOO «SkyTeam» with the project «Tehnoloiya produce reactor powder sverhmolekulyarnogo polyethylene production on the basis of its heavy-duty and fibers by cold forming.»
3. Promising business (Golden Diploma) — FBUN SSC «Vector» with the project «Rapid diagnosis of 12 socially significant diseases.»
4. In the category of promising innovative business Novosibirsk Region, a special award certificate for 1 million rubles for the further commercialization of the project is recognized as the winner company «SibEnzaym» «Production and sales of PCR test systems for epigenetic early diagnosis of breast cancer, colon and lung «.
In the special category «Sympathy of the Russian Venture Capital Association» commemorative diploma awarded to the company «NooGen» with the project «Development of therapeutic agents based on synthetic DNA and RNA fragments with improved properties.»
The final part of the award ceremony in the address of the exhibiting companies, the participants of the Fair by its organizers came the words of gratitude, and the address of the winners — congratulations.
At the IX Siberian Venture Fair has completed its work.

For reference: The organizers of the IX Siberian Venture Fair is the Government of the Novosibirsk Region, the Russian Venture Capital Association, GAU Novosibirsk region «Novosibirsk Regional Science Support Foundation and innovation» and the non-profit organization «Fund for promoting venture investments in small enterprises in scientific-technical sphere of Novosibirsk Region «.
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